Session Fees

The model I have created for Christian Leadership Coaching Session Fees has its foundation in simplicity and flexibility for you as a Christian Leader. The goal is to provide you with a platform that gives you the most choice for your Coaching needs and incentives and rewards for your commitment to the partnership.

Christian Leadership Coaching can help you achieve Success in your Leadership Development.

6 Month – Bi Annual Model – $199.00 per Month

18 – 1 hour Coaching Sessions (3 per month for 6 months)
1 – Bonus 1 hour Coaching Sessions (scheduled at your discretion)
Extended Phone and email access outside of the Coaching Session (until 7.00pm EST. – 6 days a week)
Advanced Assessments and Worksheets Battery
Fee = $199.00 per Month billed in advance Monthly – Total for 19 Coaching Sessions = $1194.00

3 Month – Quarter to Quarter Model – $229.00 per Month

9 – 1 hour Coaching Sessions (3 per month for 3 months)
Limited Phone and email access outside of the Coaching Session (normal working hours only- until 5:00pm EST.)
Basic Assessments and Worksheets Battery
Fee = $229.00 per Month – Total for 9 Coaching Sessions = $687.00 – Billed 1/2 in advance – 1/2 in 30 days.

1 Month – Month to Month Model – $249.00 per Month

3 – Consecutively scheduled 1 hour Coaching Sessions (1 per week for 3 weeks)
Limited Phone and email access outside of the Coaching Session (normal working hours only)
Fee = $249.00 per Month – Billed in advance per Month

Other items of Note

All plans require an initial up front setup fee of $99.00 billed and paid in full prior to the first Coaching Session which covers the cost of account setup and administration.

A 1 hour Session is defined as a Tele-Coaching interaction that requires 10 minutes of prep time for me as your Coach (completed prior to our 1 to 1 session) and 50 minutes of connected time for both of us together during our Coaching Session. You will also be expected to complete an Online Pre-Session Prep Form no later than 24 hours prior to your upcoming session.

Add an additional Coaching Session – $60.00 – Billed in advance

Refer a Colleague or Friend who Pre Pays for any Coaching Session Model – Get a 1 Hour Coaching Session on me – No Fee.

Billing and Payment will be completed in advance and paid in full prior to the contracted Session Schedule beginning.

You will notice that each model is built a 3 week on and 1 week off structure per month. This is intentional and is best in achieving long term sustainability and energy through the longer term Coaching Process. A Coaching “Sabbath” each month allows you to reflect and work through the goals and action items that we will uncover without getting overwhelmed.

Want to Try it Before You Buy It?

I will provide you with a free 30 – minute initial consultation by phone so that you can get a feel for the dynamics of a Christian Leadership Coaching relationship and if you believe I would be a good fit for you and your Leadership Development needs and personality.

Feel free to contact me to ask any questions or to get more information. 404 941 5867  –

Grants, Scholarships and Discounts?

There may be opportunity for collaboration with your denominational affiliation, Human Resources Division or Home Church. I am open to participating in conversations with and / or creating opportunities for you to be able to take advantage of Christian Leadership Coaching for your Leadership development and Organization. If finances is the only thing holding you back, then let’s talk about options and see if God can provide some opportunities for a partnership.

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