Why TeleCoaching?

It is easy and convenient to master the art of Tele-Coaching for the benefit of Christian Leadership Coaching for your Leadership Development needs.  By using the latest internet technology to communicate with each other through Web Sessions and / or over the phone if you prefer, Tele-Coaching takes all of the hassle out of the process and frees both parties up to be more productive. I tend to find that Webcam sessions will be more personal and intuitive than telephone sessions and can lend itself to greater productivity.

Some of The Benefits of Tele-Coaching for your Leadership Development

  • Tele-Coaching saves you time:
  • Tele-Coaching takes place on the Web via a webcam if you are comfortable with the technology or over the phone, at a time that is convenient for you and your busy schedule.
  • Tele-Coaching means you can be more flexible in the times you schedule to receive Christian Leadership Coaching.
  • Tele-Coaching means there is no travel time to or from an off site location. It can be done during your work lunch hour, from home, when the children are in school or while they are taking a nap, etc.
  • Tele-Coaching saves you money: Using free internet communication programs saves you the money not spent in transportation and/or long-distance phone calling.
  • Tele-Coaching gives you freedom of movement: it allows you to work on your tasks and/or connect with your Christian Coach no matter where you are!
  • Tele-Coaching helps increase success for finding the right Christian Coach, because you will be connected with your ideal coach anywhere in the world.
  • Tele-Coaching is discrete and efficient: you may send in all your coaching work from wherever you are whenever it is convenient for you.
  • Tele-Coaching is much more time efficient for your sessions. You and your coach will get into coaching right away.
  • Tele-Coaching keeps you connected: Because it is so convenient to keep your session appointments, you rarely are forced to miss a session.
  • Tele-Coaching means it is very convenient and relaxing. You will be able to conduct your coaching sessions from any location you wish. You will be able to select a quiet, private and relaxed place to be during coaching sessions.
  • Tele-Coaching means it is very confidential. The private and secure place you choose to be during coaching sessions will assure complete confidentiality. No one will know who you are talking to or what you are talking about.

skype makes Tele-Coaching easy for you and your Leadership Development needsHow does Skype coaching work?

Click here for some information and a  short tutorial.

I have chosen to work with the best user-friendly FREE programs like Skype (free long-distance phone calls & Webcam calls); as well as utilizing email and file transfer to it’s fullest.

Skype is a software program and it can be downloaded FREE from Skype.com. Getting setup with Skype is very simple and easy. Using Skype allows you to make free calls via phone or webcam over the internet. It is very much like talking on the telephone.

Note: If you currently have another preferred Webcam service that you are already comfortable using I would be willing to setup an account on my end that would allow you to continue to use the software and resource that you are already comfortable with. I prefer Skype, but I am open to whatever is going to make the process easiest on you.

Most of the new laptops have built in web cameras and microphones. If your computer doesn’t have that feature, the equipment is very inexpensive to buy. (starting as low as around $20.00 on sale)

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