The Growth Tracks

Although the Christian Leadership Coaching model is centered around the direction and needs of the person being Coached, often times they may need a conversation starter or kickstarter to work from. To that end I have created a series of 6 Foundational Growth Tracks for Christian Leader’s that I have found to be common needs improvement areas for most Christian Leaders. Depending on the level of the need that you determine, you may choose and stay on a growth track for several sessions or several months if you like. You set the pace.

The 6 Foundational Growth Tracks for Christian Leader’s are as follows:

Getting Organized for Life and Ministry

What is preventing you from being a better time manager? Are you becoming equipped to really get things done in life and Ministry instead of just talking about it?  How are you developing the ability to create an effective action step based mentality for life and Ministry and your Organization. Time Management – Calendar Management – Being Strategic about when to say yes and when to say no to the demands of your world.

Ministry Identity – Personality and Character of your Leadership

What makes your Leadership unique in your community? How has God called you and your Organization to develop in a unique way for the Kingdom of Christ? How will your Organization be recognized in the community 5 years from now, 10 years from now? What Legacy will your Organization Leave for Christ?

The Cornerstones of your Ministry and Leadership Vision

What steps are you taking to clarify the Vision, Values and Core Essentials of your Organization? How are you determining what ground you intend to claim for the Kingdom of Christ in your community and internally as an Organization. How are you clarifying the essentials and the bulls-eyes? Does the evidence of your reality support the idea of your Leadership Vision?

Solid and Strategic Organizational Systems Development

What methods are you using to tackle the hard issues of creating efficient and effective Systems and protocols? What easy to understand and easy to follow steps are you providing for your people to engage to bring them into a closer walk with Christ and Develop as Leaders through your Organization? How hard are you making it for people to know what to do next on their Christian Journey? Your Leadership growth will only proceed as far as your supporting structures and next steps systems will carry it.

Developing Next Generation Leaders

How are you thinking today about growing the Leaders that you will need tomorrow? What does Leadership really look like for your Organization? How do you define a successful Leader? What model of Leadership really matches the reality of your Organizational environment today?

Building Leadership Momentum

Are you being tossed around by momentum out of your control or do you and your team strategically control the momentum of your Organization? Do your Leadership efforts have an intentional “flow” that carries from one to the next to the next with focus and purpose? Is your pre-planning truly focused on accomplishing the greater Vision for your Organization?

You have the freedom to choose to follow one of these intentional Leadership Growth Tracks during your Sessions or you can feel free to bring whatever area of growth that you would like to experience to the Coaching table as well.

Other ideas for Growth could be:

  • Addressing the Healthiness of your Organization
  • Reconstructing the Ministry and Leadership Vision
  • Taking a “Fresh Eyes” look at your Organization from an Outsiders Perspective
  • Best Practices for Transitioning Key Staff and Leaders of your Organization
  • Navigating your Team and / or Staff through major change
  • Breaking Through your Current Growth Barrier
  • Increasing the Health and Effectiveness of your Leadership
  • Creating a Organizational Missions Strategy at Home and Abroad
  • The Possibilities are shaped by the Current Needs of Your Organization
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